Rule The Dark And Eyeshine Yourself Just Like “Riddick” With This New App


Riddick is the most wanted man in the universe, but that is only because he is also the most dangerous man in the universe. Aside from his dubious nature, the one thing that makes him more dangerous than anyone else is his ability to see in the dark. Now you too can rule the dark just like Riddick with this new eyeshining app, and it won’t even cost you 20 Menthol Cools either. See a sample eyeshine along with more information after the break.

All you need is photo of yourself, or anything with two eyes for that matter, apply it into the app and do some minor adjustments, and voila! You can then look just like this!

Pretty cool right? You know you’re jealous. Well, stop whining and check out the app for yourself by clicking this link and get your eyeshine on!

Riddick opens in theaters on September 6th.

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