‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Viral Marketing Teases A Few More Villains

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Viral Site

The timing of the start of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 viral marketing couldn’t be more perfect. With rumors of a teaser flying about and the NYCC ending, Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures have launched the official website (in the disguise of a tumblr blog) for The Daily Bugle.

Just as in Spider-Man lore, The Daily Bugle is one of New York’s source for news. Recent postings on the site have pointed out Oscorp Business Holding Steady. The article refers to the climatic battle that happened between Spider-Man and Dr. Curt Connors aka the Lizard in the first installment. But there are other articles that refer to another scientist tied to Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s history and certain technology and equipment that are used by Spider-Man villains. Hit the jump to find out who The Daily Bugle could be hinting at.

Here is the article:

Despite the assault on Oscorp Tower two weeks ago and the revelation that disgruntled Oscorp employee, Dr. Curt Connors, was responsible for the attack, Oscorp’s stock has climbed four points.

Oscorp spokesman Douglas Menken provided some details from the meeting, including that the construction on the prototype alternative energy power plant, complete with hydroelectric tower, is on schedule for completion within the next year.

Other highlights included a preview of a flight harness for the military and significant advancements in robotics by the head of the engineering division, Spencer Smythe.

Oscorp personnel dismissed questions regarding Norman Osborn’s health and whether the company’s estranged heir apparent, Harry Osborn, is up to the task of running his father’s conglomerate.

Menken stated, “Between the disappearance of Dr. Rajit Ratha, the rogue actions of a very unstable former employee and Norman Osborn’s health concerns, everyone in the media will cry the sky is falling, but just the opposite is true. While everyone else ducks for cover, Oscorp is always reaching for the stars.”

Now some of the most notable things that are in this article is the fact that Oscorp has advanced in building flight harness technology for the military. Could this be a tease for the Vulture? Colm Ferore is rumored to play the Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture, and this article mentioning that they are amidst perfecting a flight harness reinforces that rumor. Spencer Smythe is also mentioned in the article as the scientist who is the head of Oscorp’s engineering division. In the comics Smythe was asked by J.Jonah Jameson to fund his projects which lead to the creation of the Spider-Slayers.

More importantly Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper) and Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan) are mentioned in the article. As mentioned in the first film and hinted in the SDCC teaser, Norman is gravely ill, and it looks like he will pass his business down to Harry.

Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) and Dr. Rajit Ratha (Irrfan Khan) are also mentioned in the film, although the latter’s disappearance isn’t as clear as the film would like to think. Still Connors being imprisoned does leave the door open for him to appear in future films.

We will keep you posted as The Amazing Spider-Man 2 viral continues to develop.

Directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Jamie Foxx, and will open in theaters on May 2, 2014.

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