“Heroes Reborn” To Launch Digital Series Prequel And Social Media Campaign

Heroes Reborn Header Image

As some of you may already know, NBC surprised everyone by announcing that they would be relaunching the cult series hit Heroes. NBC made the announcement earlier tonight during the Olympic Primetime. Titled Heroes Reborn, the series will make it’s return for a 13 episode run in 2015. But before all of that can happen, the network will launch a digital series to introduce the characters you will see in the new series. Obviously there will be new characters introduced to the series, but series creator Tim Kring says we should not rule out past characters returning to the series.

Launching a new digital series means there will be a strong viral marketing connection. Hit the jump to see the video and how viral marketing could play a factor.

An excerpt from the press release released earlier this evening.

With the return of “Heroes Reborn,” NBC will launch a digital series prior to the 2015 premiere that will introduce the characters and new storylines. This leveraging of social media is a way for fans to re-engage with what was one for the true pioneers in multiplatform storytelling.


The last viral marketing campaign and ARG had fans participate in a carnival like game where the final season was set. It may have been the weakest of all the seasons, but it was a great way to keep fans interested in the dying series.

Now with the series relaunching, and social media being a much more prevalent factor in getting the word out, an innovative viral marketing campaign by means of social media or ARG could be just the thing to bring Heroes back to its former glory.

Here’s the video announcement.

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