Confirmed : “Friday The 13th” Reboot Sees Jason Voorhees Terrorizing New Meddling Kids


So there has been a lot of talk in regards to the newest addition to the Friday the 13th franchise, especially when it comes to that chatter of the found footage genre being plastered all over it. I for one am a huge fan of found footage, especially if it’s done correctly. Used in a more fast paced and creepier setting, who would look better in the distorted and shaky light of a camcorder, other than Jason Voorhees himself! Keep reading to find out what we know.

People are going to talk all they want about this possible direction that the film is heading in, but once you hear the info that we were provided, I have a feeling that you will welcome this. As it contains huge spoilers about the film, including a possible title. You have been warned far in enough in advance so if you want to remain in suspense, now is the time to click the close window button.

Are you ready for this? The newest installment of the Friday the 13th franchise is none other than a sequel to Freddy vs. Jason! Tell me that’s not awesome! A widely hoped for and wanted film for many years is now coming to life. If you talk to said hopeful, you will find that most are throwing the name of Ash around, who all of the fan of horror know from the Evil Dead films, and while I agree he would be a perfect fit, the newly mentioned director of the film is going a different route. Yes, in addition to details of the film, we now know who will be at the helm.

Fresh hype coming from his current film due in August, none other than James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Slither) will be running the show on this take of scare history. With an already iconic horror film under his belt with Slither, Gunn should have enough clout to handle this daunting, and skeptic filled task. So will be seeing a third party added to the fight between Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees? Will it be Ash? Perhaps we could see Michael Myers? While they would be popular choices, Gunn has decided to take a different route and enlist something he is comfortable with, and knows will be a perfect fit. I am super excited and I cannot wait to see what comes about when we are introduced to the newest badass of horror……

Source: AFD

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