“Make Your Movie” Instagram Contest Puts Your Dance Skills To The Test

make your move header image

Instagram contests are quickly becoming more and more popular with marketing teams asking participants to upload pictures or videos using specific hashtags. This will not only help know who is actively participating in the contest but promote the movie because of the use of the infamous hashtag.

Now the upcoming film Make Your Move has a instagram contest of their own, and they are utilizing the app’s video feature to do it. As you may have guessed, you will need to show off some of your best dance moves to win some prizes. Hit the jump to learn more.

Participants will upload a dance video of themselves or with a group on instagram. Using the #makeyourmove hashtag will put them immediately in the drawing. Each week, a winner will receive a prize pack, each of which will have one (1) Beats Pill, one (1) t-shirt, one (1) signed poster, one (1) digital Make Your Move Soundtrack.

Winners will be chosen based on creativity, style, personality, choreography, and performance. Dances can be choreographed to the Let Me In single, a song that can be heard in the film, or any other song of their choosing.

Make Your Move starring Dancing With The Stars dancer Derek Hough and K-Pop music sensation Boa opens in theaters on April 18.

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