Viral Video Roundup: “Game of Thrones” Edition

Viral Videos

With the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones Season 4 being released later today, it was fitting to specialize this week’s roundup towards the show. As one of the highest rated TV Shows on IMDb (currently at 9.5/10) and as a hugely popular show, the series as a multitude of viral videos devoted to it. Spoilerphobes beware- sensitive information from the past three seasons will be revealed.

Hit the jump to journey to Westeros with this week’s videos!

First up are the recaps to tell you what you missed, what’s going on, and what to be ready for tonight.

The incredibly accurate nine minute recap by The Fine Bros.

And the not-so-accurate recap by College Humor (expect a huge comeback from Ed Stark this season)

Every single death from the past three seasons (on screen)

And the most important facts to know from Buzzfeed

Next we have some older Game of Thrones videos, which are still funny

How the First Season Should Have Ended

And Medieval Land Fun-Time World

Then an Honest Trailer

And three songs:
The rap

The theme song

And the “Wait- what’s going on?”


Whether you’re a Lannister, a Stark, a Baratheon, or a Targaryen, we hope you enjoy tonight’s episode, and that none of your favorite characters die.

Did we miss any videos?

Let us know in the comments below!

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