“Ant-Man” Panel: Paul Rudd Pops His Comic-Con Cherry

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Today’s Marvel Studios panel kicked off with the cast of Ant-Man walking out to promote the film. It has shot anything yet, but Kevin Feige confirmed that Corey Stoll would play Ant-Man’s nemesis Yellow Jacket, while Evangeline Lilly would play Hope Van Dyne. Hit the jump for a full description of the footage that was seen and what was said during the panel.

Many comic-con cherries will be popped!

Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd talked about popping comic-con cherries, to which Douglas said he has popped many cherries.

Lilly did confirm that even though she is signed on, she hasn’t seen a script. She also expressed her love to her fans.

Corey Stoll talked about his Darren Cross character who was Dr. Hank Pym’s mentee, who obtains the Pym particles, which causes all sorts of chaos. But as of this moment, the Ant-Man cast could not talk much about it.

They did confirm they would shoot in two weeks, and Feige presented some spectacular visual effects.

It starts off with Hank Pym insulting Scott Lang and trying to convince him to have some balls to do the job. Then we see the heist premise of the film in play when Ant-Man is seen running from security. Try as he might he cannot communicate with his escape ride out, which happens to be an ant. With the security within reach, Lang jumps! And with a dramatic pause, we see the ant saves him, along with a swarm of ants following him.

It’s all pretty exciting stuff!! And it sure had the crowd going, almost had them accept that Edgar Wright is no longer on board.

Ant-Man opens Summer 2015.

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