Viral Video: NBC Spoofs E! The True Hollywood Story Using ‘The Blacklist’s Raymon “Red” Reddington

raymond red reddington e the true hollywood story viral image

What made The Blacklist‘s Raymond “Red” Reddington the man he is today? Well, fans of show may know or slightly know what is going on through Red’s head, considering the series is only in its second season. Now entering its second season, The Blacklist will give fans more insight as to who Red is. To help promote the show, NBC has released a video that spoofs E!’s The True Hollywood Story series. Hit the jump to check it out.

As you can see the video follows the same basic premise of episodes seen on E! The True Hollywood Story. The documentary series that centers famous Hollywood celebrities, movies, TV shows. Among the topics covered on the series are salacious re-tellings of Hollywood secrets, show-biz scandals, celebrity murders and mysteries, porn-star biographies, and “where-are-they-now?” investigations of former child stars, which makes Red the perfect subject.

For promotional purposes the video was cut to three and a half minutes. Normally an episode of E! The True Hollywood Story would run at an hour to two hours, so of course it needed to be cut down to size. But the video still has all it needs to make it a hilarious parody.

The Blacklist airs on Mondays at 10pm on NBC.

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