Google And Paramount Pictures Team Up To Promote Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

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A lot of movie-based websites offer uninteresting things like character profiles, trailers that you can get off youtube, wallpaper images, etc. Social media has proven to be a more useful tool to help market a film. We’ve seen many successful viral marketing campaigns being carried on on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and more. But there are just some films that beg to be marketed strictly on websites. And that’s what we are getting with Christopher Nolan‘s Interstellar.

Google and Paramount Pictures have teamed up for a one of a kind partner ship to help promote Interstellar. Through educational pieces, user-generated content, and Google Hangouts with the cast, we will start to see more and more exclusive content from the film on Google sites. Hit the jump to learn more.

Here’s some snippets from the press release.

The partnership launched with the INTERSTELLAR SPACE HUB, a first-ever digital initiative supporting a film on a Google domain at As the official website for the film, the INTERSTELLAR SPACE HUB features a Space Hunt content discovery feature and a movie ticket purchasing function, as well as links to a Solar System Builder app available via Google Play.

We’ve already highlighted some of the marketing campaigns Paramount has been launching to help promote Interstellar. And as you may have noticed, these campaigns both have an entertainment and educational value. But these campaigns are more for the latter than they are the former.

But this newest campaign is aimmed towards promoting Google tools while also promoting Interstellar. So you will see more exclusive Interstellar content on Google affiliated sites like Google Play, Google+ and YouTube.

Here’s what Interstellar producer Emma Thomas had to say about the new partnership:

“Having the power of Google behind our efforts to inform the audience and enhance their experience of ‘INTERSTELLAR’ is an exciting new development in the relationship between filmmakers and audiences. Google has provided the ultimate Hub for the theatrical experience, and now, for the first time ever, there is a mechanism for audiences to give direct feedback to the studio about the quality of the technical presentation.”

The companies will also collaborate on a Time Capsule project that compiles user- generated content into a . This project, curated by Google Play and Nolan, will be available early next year.

Fans will also be able to talk to cast iin a live Google+ Hangout on Air. There will also be an opportunity for users to participate the the Time Capsule project, where content fill be turned into a short film that will showcase and capture the magic of the current human experience on Earth. Google and Nolan will oversee the project, which is scheduled for release in 2015.

Additionally, in mid-October, Google for Education will deliver its first-ever, movie-themed lesson plans, exciting students at thousands of schools across the country about the math and science that served as the inspiration for the film.

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