‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Trailer: The Barden Bellas Vs The World

pitch perfect 2 header

Anna Kendrick
and her fellow Barden Bella compatriots in Pitch Perfect completely captivated us with witty humor and some great mash ups of pop songs. Now they are ready for world domination in Pitch Perfect 2. Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and more return to reprise their respective roles as the senior members of the acapella group, as does Skyler Astin. Also returning are Britney Snow, Anna Camp, and Adam DeVine. Hit the jump to check out the first trailer for Pitch Perfect 2.

This time the Barden Bellas are taking part in a world wide competition, where no American team has ever won. Kendrick, Wilson, and a few others are about to graduate, and will hand off their Barden Bella responsibilities to new characters played by Hailee Steinfeld. Elizabeth Banks makes her directorial debut with the film. Pitch Perfect 2 opens in theaters on May 15.

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