Dress Like A ‘Kingsman’ By Shopping At Store Inspired By “The Secret Service”


There is a lot that stands out after watching the trailers for Kingsman: The Secret Service. Colin Firth kicking ass and Matthew Vaughn’s frenetic action sequences come to mind immediately. But just as important in establishing the film’s unique style appears to be its fashion. Staying true to James Bond and classic British spy films, Kingsman continues the tradition that you can’t be a secret agent without wearing a perfectly tailored suit. To drive this connection home, the creators behind the film have partnered with fashion retailer Mr Porter to offer you your own chance to dress like a Kingsman, if you are willing to pay. Hit the jump for more.

Mr Porter worked with director Matthew Vaughn and costume designer Arianne Phillips to create the Kingsman Collection based off the suits, watches, ties, and accessories seen in the film. While the items are available for purchase online, Bleeding Cool discovered a themed store has opened up in Savile Row, a street in central London catering to high-end fashion, to celebrate the collection and the movie’s impending release.

Photo Credit: Bleeding Cool

The Kingsman collection sure does look sharp, though it may leave some wondering whether they would prefer to dress like Colin Firth for a day, or make a down payment on a house. Despite the hefty price tag, if you find yourself in London over the next couple weeks, it might be fun to visit the Kingsman shop to at least have a look around.

Early reviews have been positive, and I have high expectations that Kingsman: The Secret Service will be the first critical and box office hit of 2015 when it comes out next month. If nothing else, the film has succeeded in a promotional partnership that leverages it’s strengths by sharing its style with moviegoers.

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