Infiltrate Encom International With A New Tron Legacy Viral Game

Have you ever wanted to infiltrate Enocm International? Well, now you can. A new Tron Legacy viral game can help you out – if you’re worthy. The game was found within the most recent update on the FlynnLives discussion forums. It leads us to Arcade Aid, which seems to be a website for arcade-related repairs, but it also includes this hidden link. It’s a game which will test your knowledge of, well, games. Upon completion, you will be taken to a website where you can infiltrate Ecnom and make your very own Encom I.D. badge (which you’ll get in the mail). More after the jump.

In order to beat the challenge and gain access to the Encom I.D. maker, you must use your knowledge of video games to identify 56 games hidden within the poster. If you feel like cheating, head over to Unfiction where they’ve got this all figured out.

Click the image to begin playing!

Our friend Alex from brings up a good point about the possibilities with this badge comparing it to The Dark Knight viral and building up the Joker’s army. It’s very clear these badges will be for something, the question is for what exactly? We’ll keep you updated with any new developments, and make sure to follow Unficition’s discussions.

Thanks to Alex from for the heads up. What do you think about the Encom I.D. badges? What will they be used for? Leave a comment below with your answers!

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