Iron Man 2: Blog Gets Hold of Stark Industries Safe got a nice little present in the mail from Stark Industries: A microwave-sized combination safe. What is this all about, and what does it have to do with candy? Learn more after the break.

Iron Man 2 has a lot of promotional partners, and one of them is Reese’s (part of the Hershey family). The Reese’s Iron Man 2 page plays along with the idea that the candy corp will be one of the exhibitors at the Stark Expo. They also have a few things on the site like a contest and simple movie-making activity. What’s more interesting is that supposedly has a mole in “Team Peanut Butter”, and was able to get a safe that “may contain the secrets behind Stark’s groundbreaking technology”. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the code to get into it.

The site is looking for help to find the code, and one clue they got was that Twitter user MITIronMan would reveal the code soon. Here’s what the mole had to say:

“I’m in and up for the challenge. I have my eye on Tony Stark and I’m watching his every move. Now, I need your help. I found this box in the storage facilities at Stark Expo. It’s locked and I don’t know what’s inside. But, I have an insider who’s told me he’s figured out the code. It’s too hot right now to reveal in the open so he said he’s going to reveal it on Twitter, of all places, since people post random stuff on there all of the time. Pay attention to MITIronMan over the next few days and you’ll find what you’re looking for. That’s M-I-T-I-R-O-N-M-A-N. Thanks for your help. It was nice doing business with you.”

What could really be in that safe, and why should we care? Maybe it’s a new trailer/clip, or maybe even tickets to the movie. With just over a week until the film’s US premiere, we should know soon. From looking at the pictures, I was skeptical about the legitimacy of the package, especially since there’s not even an inkling of the concept on the Reese’s website. What do you think? Is this real? If so, what do you think is in the safe, and how do we get in?

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