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Infinity Gauntlet and Captain America Shield Shown at Comic-Con

Those of us that don’t quite live under a rock are aware of what’s going on at Comic-Con this year. Marvel stole the show by screening Captain America and Thor footage and even having the full cast of The Avengers present during their panel. Now with keeping up with SDCC I happened to stumble upon an image that caused quite the ruckus online: a replica of the Infinity Gauntlet. See the image of that and the Captain America shield below and what they might mean.

Let me give you a moment to let that set in. Yes, the Infinity Gauntlet. For Marvel fans this is absolutely astonishing. Why? Because where there’s the Infinity Gauntlet, fan-favorite Thanos is not far behind. Upon seeing this image, Marvelites had no idea how to react, we were speechless. When it finally set in, they went crazy with speculation. As you may (or may not) know, Thanos is probably the biggest cosmic baddie out there, and with him comes the small chance that our favorite cosmic heroes may have a bigger role in the Marvel Movie-verse. Remember those rumors of the Skrulls being the main protagonists in The Avengers? Well with the inclusion of two key cosmic relics in Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger (the Cosmic Cube and the Infinity Gauntlet) this is seeming to be more and more likely. In fact, another cosmic rumor is that Kevin Pennington could be Noh-Varr, the late Captain Marvel. Sure, there’s plenty of other roles that he has the possibility to be, but Noh-Varr and Hawkeye were the most likely, and he’s not Hawkeye.

There’s one more rumor/speculation that fuels the hope of cosmic-Marvel fans everywhere. Remember when Josh Holloway was casted for an unknown role in a Marvel film? Once again, he was a suspected Hawkeye candidate but that role’s taken. When you look at pictures of Holloway one Marvel character comes to mind: Adam Warlock. Another cosmic possibility with the upcoming Thor film is the deeply fan-favorited Beta Ray Bill. He’s pretty much like Thor’s War-Machine (starting off as a supporting character and goes off and does his own thing). He’s pretty rooted into cosmic Marvel too. The inclusion of the Destroyer armor brings another thing to mind: Celestials. Now for those of you that don’t know, the Destroyer armor was built to protect Asgard from the Celestials, a set of giant cosmic ‘robots’ that created life on earth. Furthermore, Thor trades Destroyer to Galactus for Firestorm which gives it even deeper inclusion into cosmic Marvel. But of course, we can’t see Galactus, Silver Surfer, or Kl’rt the Super-Skrull until Marvel gets the Fantastic Four license back from Fox, which kinda sucks because most cosmic characters (like those above plus the Skrulls, the Kree, Ronan, and Annhilus) have roots in the FF series. However, rumor has it that Marvel withheld the Kree and Skrulls from Fox. With all these hints, and despite the licensing issues, cosmic Marvel fans are really hopeful that we’ll get our favorite Cosmic characters on the big screen and done right.

Editor’s Note: The above article was written by MovieViral reader Sajin Alcid.
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