Right Turn You Must: Yoda’s TomTom Recording Session

The latest in TomTom’s clever viral videos promoting their new line of Star Wars voices for GPS devices has hit the web. This time, it is Master Yoda himself who went into the studio to record his lines. Like Darth Vader before him, the process was less than smooth, but fortunately caught on video. Check out what went down after the jump.

If there is anything to gather from watching these viral videos, it is that both Jedi Masters and Sith Lords have difficulty taking directions from us non force wielders. Take a look at the issues the two TomTom guys had in coaxing Yoda to perform his lines:

Yoda is the second of the four Star Wars voices to have their own video released. Although I doubt we will see Harrison Ford donning his smuggler gear anytime soon to participate in a viral like this, I wouldn’t be surprised to see hear about C3PO’s experiences in the studio over the next few months. The TomTom Star Wars voices are priced at $12.95 and you can purchase them here.
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