Mysterious Google Doodle Causes Speculation has a cool new interactive doodle today, but what is it for? That’s the question everyone is asking. Normally Google’s doodle links to a search revealing what it’s purpose is – but not this time. Speculation has been wide-spread and Google has added to the fire by tweeting “Boisterous doodle today. Maybe it’s excited about the week ahead.” That leaves everyone with one question: what is Google up to?

At the time this article was written the number one trending topic on Twitter was “Google Doodle,” and for a very good reason; everyone is talking about what this doodle is for. The Daily Mail suggests it may have to do with a huge announcement Google is planning tomorrow. Others believe it may be for Google’s 12th birthday, which would be today, and some believe it’s just a test of HTML5.

Popularity of “Google Doodle” on Twitter [via Trendistic]

Google added to the fire by tweeting that the doodle may be “excited about the week ahead,” which could refer to a number of planned Google projects like Google Games, Google Music, or even Google Me, a social network Google is reportedly working on.

While all of these are possible, we just don’t know. One thing is sure, Google knows how to cause a buzz.

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