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Coke Zero Has New Interactive “TRON: Legacy” Games and Exclusive Content

Coke Zero is to TRON: Legacy as Dr. Pepper was to Iron Man 2. Coke has given us a new mobile iPhone app, interactive cups,  new videos, a thinner waistline, and more! Find out all about it after the jump.

I’ll skip to the best part: Tron and Coke Zero present the first location based Mobile game. In it you’ll be more active as you really play on a grid, simulating a Tron Light Cycle game. It’s a good way to burn the calories you didn’t get from drinking Coke Zero. It is currently available for the iPhone, and an Android version is coming soon.

If you plan on going to the movie theater this holiday, you might want to buy a certain Tron-themed cups. Now, you may not want to pay an extra 50 cents for a thicker cup for your extra-large Coke Zero, but maybe get it for an exclusive “Augmented Reality Experience,” which works similar to something we have seen before. However, it does give you several featurettes, videos, interviews, and more material to come. Also, the cup itself is very reusable and sturdy, so you may want to keep it around for the next few updates. Specially-marked Coke Zero cans also work.

And finally, if you don’t have an iPhone, a can of Coke Zero, or a Tron Legacy cup, you can still watch even more videos and download wallpapers in their content section. No one is left out of this experience!

Tron Legacy comes out on December 17th in IMAX 3D. Follow our viral campaign coverage here.
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