“Portal 2” Gives Interactive Look At “Super 8”

The videogame Portal 2 was released nationwide today, and already a pretty impressive easter egg has been found. The PC and Mac versions of the game include a level that allows you to explore the train seen in the trailers for Super 8 as well as the wreckage from the crash, up until the monster breaks through its car. Check out a video of the interactive sneak peek after the break.

To my understanding, there is no connection between the two projects or the companies behind them, so I’m not sure where the collaboration came from. It’s cool to be able to explore inside the train and through the wreckage, but from what I can see, not much can be learned. Obviously, as more people play, the more that might be noticed, so we’ll keep an eye out for anything interesting found. Below are some of the things I did see.

The map (@ 1:04) – Shows the route the train takes from Area 51 to Ohio. I’m not sure what the black dots/smudges are for, but there are a lot more near the end of the trip.

Three Dots – The symbol we’ve seen multiple times but still don’t what they stand for show up on boxes and several items in the train.

Manifest (@1:21) – The train’s manifest shows just livestock, which shouldn’t be a surprise. I don’t think “alien” would be listed. “Engine 1912”, a term we’ve seen before, is the name of the train (or car? I’m not familiar with train terminology).

Crash (@1:35) – We get an inside look into the crash featured in both the teaser and full length trailer.

Wreckage (@1:59) – After blackness, we are finally outside in the wreckage from the crash.

Monster car (@3:16) – We get to see the car that the monster/alien is in, then we see it busting out from a different angle than the trailers.

Did you see anything else in this video or during your own gameplay? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: /Film

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