Kung Fu Panda Karate Chops YouTube

May 26th sees the theatrical release of Kung Fu Panda 2, the sequel to the hit animated film from 2008. To promote the release, Dreamworks Animation has gotten social media experts The Visionaire Group to help Po showcase his skills on YouTube. Get the full details after the break.

In the film, Po (voiced by Jack Black) is a plus-size panda who was surprisingly chosen as a Dragon Warrior and now must join forces with new kung fu masters to take on an old enemy. Check out the video below where Black finds a unique way to get into character after playing around with his signature catch phrase (skadoosh!).

Where does he walk off to? Click on the video like it asks you to, and you’ll be taken to the official Kung Fu Panda 2 YouTube Channel, where Jack Black returns as Po and uses his Kung Fu on the video sharing website. Go ahead and play around with it. My favorite part is how Po’s eyes follow your cursor, and his stomach growls when the cursor is over it. You also get access to other easter eggs like fortune cookies and hidden videos. See if you can find them all!

You may remember that The Expendables did something similar last year, which shouldn’t be surprising considering The Visionaire Group, a company whose work we have covered on several occasions, did that “interactive brand channel” as well.

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