42 Entertainment Is NOT Working On “The Dark Knight Rises” Viral Campaign (Updated x2)

UPDATE: Hit the jump to read an important update to this story!

Briefly: While this may not come as a surprise (based on quality and Peter from /Film even mentioning it in a tweet yesterday), we have gotten confirmation from a source that choses to remain anonymous that 42 Entertainment will not being running the viral campaign for Warner Bros.’ The Dark Knight Rises. This will disappoint many fans who followed the viral marketing company’s exquisite execution of the “Why So Serious?” campaign for The Dark Knight. While the reason for the WB not chosing 42E for TDKR is unknown, my source tells me that the individuals who actually worked on the WSS campaign are no longer with 42 Entertainment, so that may have something to do with it. Will you still follow an ARG for the new Batman film if 42E isn’t behind it?

1pm PT – I was just contacted by someone who works with 42 Entertainment who tells me that all the major individuals (producers, writers, etc.) who worked on the Why So Serious campaign are in fact still with the company. Also, although 42E is not currently working on the TDKR campaign, Warner Bros. could still contact them later on. Given that the film isn’t set to release in theaters until July 20, 2012, the studio has some time to decide if they want work with 42E again.

Update #2 – I just want to make it clear: Both of my sources confirm that 42 Entertainment is not working on anything for The Dark Knight Rises, but the possibility is still there for Warner Bros. to hire them. The only confirmed viral piece we’ve seen for the film was done in-house and probably would have little to no bearing on a new viral marketing plan. However, due to 42 Entertainment’s secrecy (The Dark Knight and Tron: Legacy aren’t even listened on the “our work” section of their official website), we may never get confirmation if they are brought on or not. Our only clue may be the quality and intricacy of the campaign.

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