The “Super 8” ARG Isn’t Over!

Despite what seemed like a definitive ending (which led us to reviewing the whole thing), the Super 8 viral campaign is still going strong. We just got a new post on the Revalistic website that teases more updates to come. Get the details after the break.

When we last left off, Josh had found his father’s grave in Lillian, Ohio. He vowed not to stop learning more, and it looks like he’s following through. Below is his last message on Revalistic.

There was nothing else in the grave, no body. I’ll scan the full letter when I can. But now I know why he left me this cube and what he wants me to do. This was never about energy. There is another one.

So, Josh turns gravedigger to satisfy his hunger for knowledge, and he finds a note from his dad. He posts the images below, which show the first page of the note as well as the container the note was in. You should notice “Joe . L” written on the box, which of course references Joe Lamb, the main character in the movie. How Dr. Woodward got the box from Joe is unknown. The note goes into detail on the creature, so we’ll keep an eye out for the rest of the pages.

Super 8 is in theaters now. Follow our coverage of the film and its viral campaign on our Super 8 Hub.

Thanks to Cody for the heads up on this update!

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