The “Inside Experience” Now Has Two Episodes

Earlier this month, we told you about The Inside Experience, dubbed the “First Interactive Social Horror Film Experience”. On Monday the adventure began, and now we have two episodes in the series. Check them out after the break.

The story centers around the kidnapping of Christina Perasso (played by Emmy Rossum). She is stuck all by herself with little contact with her captor, and the only resource she has is a Toshiba laptop that has limited internet connection. Christina updates her Facebook page with pictures and status updates, as well as using the webcam to create videos that she posts on YouTube. You can follow along on Facebook and help Christina out by commenting on her page and answering her questions. Her page is connected to other character pages as well, so depending on how much you want to participate, you’ll want to follow all of them. You can also follow the experience by checking out Inside’s official website, YouTube page, and Facebook page. It may take a while to catch up, but from what I’ve seen, it’s worth it. Your participation can show up in the episodes, as seen in the two ones released so far. Watch those episodes below.

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