The Inside Experience: The Story So Far, As Told By Christina Herself

It’s been a week since Christina was kidnapped, and in order to stay sane, she has recounted the story so far on her Facebook page. Of course, this also serves as a “Previously On…” update for new fans of The Inside Experience or anyone who just wants to catch up. Read her (slightly edited) account after the break.

I need to run through what’s happened to me, literally type it all down… so I’m just going to run through it all… not all of the details and clues, just the ABCs of it… maybe it’ll spark something I dunno it’s something to do instead of think about food.

Last thing I remember, talking to mom at the Java Bird coffee place, about leaving my car at her house ’cause no parking at Jen’s wedding rehearsal. Whole day is fuzzy. Next thing I remember, I’m in this room. My laptop is there on the table, plugged in. No idea how I got here. No way out. No doorknob. Tried climbing up to window, no dice. Under laptop found clue, or a taunt more like from whoever is keeping me here. Get in touch with police. Tell me to sit tight, give them info. Internet cuts in and out, like someone’s doing it on purpose. Search room, find some leads. Endless rabbit hole of clues lead us in circles, but sometimes, tell us something that seems important. I have ripped wallpaper. I have looked under beds, chairs, tables, I have violated every square inch of this room. Been through my computer, no weird files, nothing strange in my browser history. Got some PBJ. Federal agents, who I was counting on, went on a wild goose chase and rescued a mannequin. At this point it’s clear that whoever is doing this is smart. And it’s scary. Then, whoever is doing this left me the music box I had as a little girl. That was terrifying, especially because it was in storage at my mom’s. But she was fine. Thank god. More crazy clues and stuff, all of you wonderful people figuring stuff out left and right. Am given little paper cups of water every once in a while. Shower worked for a second when I first got in here and then water was shut off. Then whoever is doing this left me a note, with a pill. Told me to make a video, and get people to like it, or no food. Note said if my friends fail, to take the pill. That’s where I am now. Starving in a room, thinking about a pill. You guys have been great, liking the video and supporting me. But I just don’t know where to go from here. Trying to hold on. Have to believe there’s a way out.

If you want to play along, here are the basic links you’ll need:

The Inside Experience: Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube
Christina: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

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