Nathan Fillion and Others Use Twitter To Tease New Joss Whedon Project

It’s hard to keep a secret in Hollywood, especially when big names are involved. It’s rare to not even know that a film is in the works until principal photography is complete, but we have just that with Joss Whedon’s latest project titled Much Ado About Nothing. Find out more about this mysterious project and how we came to learn of it after the break.

The first word of the project came from a few tweets to its website, Just a few hours ago, some of Whedon’s staple cast and crew tweeted the link: Actors Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog) and Sean Maher (Firefly), as well as costume designer Shawna Trpcic (Firefly, Angel, Dollhouse). The website simply announces that principal photography has completed (which means they are done filming unless they need to re-shoot scenes), gives a long list of actors that include Fillion, Maher, and The Avengers’ Clark Gregg, and says it is based on a play.

There is no confirmation that the film is based on the famous Shakespeare play of the same name, but taking into consideration the image on the site, we know it is a modern tale of some sort. The only person giving any details about Much Ado has been Trpcic, who has confirmed she is the costume designer, but her responses to questions and comments are vague at best. It’s amazing that Whedon had time to work on Much Ado while directing The Avengers, but that may have been planned to keep the project secret while everyone focused on the big superhero movie.

It’s interesting to note that the director of Thor, Kenneth Branagh, also directed the popular 1993 film adaptation of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Could Whedon have gotten some pointers from his Marvel colleague? We’ll provide updates as we learn more about this film.

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