There Is Still Hope For A Viral Campaign for “The Dark Knight Rises”

When we last talked about the potential for a viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises in June, things didn’t look too good. 42 Entertainment, the company behind The Dark Knight‘s Why So Serious? campaign, was not on board, and nothing seemed to be imminent. Now it’s December, and we still have not seen any viral marketing for TDKR, and there is still no word of 42E being involved. However, there could be some hope on the horizon. Click the jump to find out more.

The Wrap interviewed Warner Bros. Motion Pictures President Jeff Robinov, and he talked a bit about the film’s marketing plans.

He wouldn’t disclose much more about the studio’s marketing strategy for its key tentpole franchise. But he did say that, like “The Dark Knight,” its successor’s “marketing strategy will definitely evolve,” Robinov said.

The film’s theatrical release is just seven months away, so if Warner Bros. wants to get even close to the scale of their campaign for The Dark Knight, they better get going. What do you think? Will Warner Bros. even try to do a viral campaign, and if they do, can they pull it off without 42 Entertainment? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Steve Szyndrowski for the heads up.

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