UPDATE: “Prometheus” Viral: David-8 Connects to Twitter Users

UPDATE: It appears that this is a fan made account, and is not actually a part of the Prometheus viral. The original article follows.

Not only will Prometheus have aliens and humans shrieking, it will have some pretty handsome looking androids. Michael Fassbender plays as the android David-8 in Prometheus. When it comes to technology, Weyland Industries is ahead of the curve. Providing us with some of the most advanced tools yet, but can still be a little humble by using social media tools like twitter. That’s why it pleases me to introduce to you the David-8 twitter account. Hit the jump to find out more about his twitter account.

For those that don’t know, the David-8 is a vital character in Prometheus. Performing the tasks that humans deem questionable and unethical. David-8 responds to a wide array of intelligent tweets or requests while displaying some emotion as well. Here’s an example:

Confident SOB isn’t he? Not only that, but the David-8 is also a music lover:

All kidding aside, this is one of the most interactive twitter accounts that I have seen in quite a while. Of course, its impossible for the David-8 to respond to every tweet. but if your tweet to him is smart, funny, or strikes some curiosity, then he might just reply to you. So why not give the David-8 a couple of tweets, you may never know, he could tweet you right back. Prometheus hits theaters on June 8th.

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