Weyland Industries Are Looking For New Recruits For Project Prometheus

To help with the marketing for Prometheus, Fox and Mircosoft Internet Explorer have teamed up for a new direction in the viral marketing for the film. The new aspect of the viral campaign involves you the user testing your physical and cognitive capabilities. Hit the jump to find out just what these test contains and how they will push you to your limits.

Although the tests were designed specifically for the new Internet Explorer 9, the instructor says that you can take the four tests on any Internet browser.

The first assessment tests your ability to run and dodge for long distances. Using your arrow keys, you must run and dodge two sets of walls for a minute. Once you do, you will be scored based on how you dodge these walls, going between the two or choosing to avoid them completely by going either right or left.

Then there is the g fore test. For a minute you must keep your mouse cursor in the center of the cross hairs while you are spinning and twisting in a g force machine. Again you will be scored and then you will move on to the next assessment.

The cognitive assessment will measure your ability to make executive decisions during emergencies. Think the kinds of questions you come across when you are applying for a job. They are multiple choice, and there doesn’t seem to be a wrong answer. Some answers however have a high score than others.

Finally the spatial recognition test. You must be able to identify how a set of blocks go into the shape it is falling into. Again, use the arrow keys to make the blocks fit into place. If you think you found the correct shape, press the down key to speed up the process.

For those who have Internet Explorer 9, you can move on to another assessment, unfortunately I don’t have that browser or any desktops. I am a Mac guy.

The new addition to the Prometheus viral campaign has made an official page. Hopefully there will be more viral campaigns for Prometheus as we close in on the release date.

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