YouTube Tuesday: How It Should Have Ended

We at MovieViral know our viral videos pretty well, so we decided to share our knowledge to those looking to expand their Internet horizons. YouTube Tuesday is a weekly feature where we shine the spotlight on our favorite YouTube channels related to movies and television. We focus on channels that provide new videos on a regular basis, especially ones that we feel need more exposure. This week we are featuring the animated series How It Should Have Ended.

Many of you might already know about HISHE, but as the name suggests, this channel has animated short videos that suggest how movies, television shows, and more should have ended. They are hilarious, and a spin-off, “Superhero Cafe” is even better. We’ve featured videos from the channel before, including the most recent one on The Avengers, and my favorite so far is the latest Super Cafe episode.

With over 700,000 subscribers and over 270 million video views, HISHE isn’t exactly hurting, but they deserve even more. Find out more about the guys behind the series on, where you can also see videos they do for other YouTube channels like Machinima.

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