Viral Video Round Up: Pulp Fiction, Blade Runner, Gary Oldman, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, And More!

The Internet is full of videos related to movies, whether they be fan made, studio made, or somewhere in between. We regularly bring you the best, most interesting, or just plain weirdest, and today we do it again. Check out the latest viral videos after the break.

Sunday June 24th, 2012

Can you imagine how much time went into these opening credits of “Blade Runner”, made pain stakingly in water colors? I’d say quite a bit.

This behind-the-scenes breakdown of the special effects in “Prometheus” just made the film that much cooler.

I would totally go back to the 1980’s to play the “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” 8-bit video game.

Video remix artist Pogo was just recently featured in our YouTube Tuesdays article, and now he’s back by popular demand with his new “Pulp Fiction” music video.

I’ve always loved Gary Oldman, but how his respect level is at an all-time high thanks to “Actors Against Acting Athletes”.

Did you guys see the “Dr. Who” role play game?

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