YouTube Tuesday: Djol203

We at MovieViral know our viral videos pretty well, so we decided to share our knowledge to those looking to expand their Internet horizons. YouTube Tuesday is a weekly feature where we shine the spotlight on our favorite YouTube channels related to movies and television. We focus on channels that provide new videos on a regular basis, especially ones that we feel need more exposure. This week we are featuring the YouTube channel Djol203, who is recreating the world of Back to the Future.

This YouTuber lives in France, so his details are a bit murky. His channel links to a graphics company called Enozone that looks to focus on interactive 3D models. His first, and so far only remotely popular, video was an impressive rendering of Hill Valley in 1955 from Back to the Future.

This video is issued from a 3D RealTime version of Hill Valley in 1955. This is still a WIP that still need to be completed with vehicles (a delorean and a ford convertible would be nice additions) and avatars (a Marty), which will take some time. Anyway, in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy watching this

He would indeed follow up with 3D renderings of Biff Tannen’s Ford and Marty McFly himself. I can’t wait to see what he makes next and how he fits it all into the town square. Amazingly, Djol203 has only 27 subscribers and just over 9,000 total video views, so let’s help him get some more attention.

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