“Antiviral” Viral Site: Discover What Celebrity Viruses You Can Willingly Become Infected With

antiviral lucas clinic header

As shown in this edition of trailers weekly, a new viral site for Antiviral has appeared, and if you saw the trailer for the film (which i suggest you do, because its just twisted) then it should give you a slight clue as to what this viral site could contain. Note, this viral site takes the word viral quite literally. Hit the jump for more.

The trailer acts as both a trailer and an introduction to the Lucas Clinic, a site that happens to offer its clients the very best viruses that celebrities can have. They currently have three sets of viruses on hand, but that could all change if any more updates to the site are added. The site provides a look like any normal site would when offering cutting edge treatments, which includes pictures of the process, details, what kind of viruses they provide, appointment bookings, and guarantees of safety (yes they provide that too in a place where they give clients diseases) that are included on the site. There is also a pdf file you can download to read about the Lucas Clinic’s founder.

To ensure the best possible experience for viral campaigners, the Lucas Clinic website offers you an opportunity to book an appointment. I tried this, but all i received was an email that I will receive a confirmation email with details of my booking. Luckily I wanted to call someone to make sure that they got my email, which you can find below. But of course the number is just an automated message that explains what the Lucas Client is all about.

Although the trailer does show a few weird bits of how these viruses are harvested and how they are kept up to full potency, it looks like everything about this campaign will come from the Lucas Clinic. For more details about The Lucas Clinic and what they have to offer, check out the video below.

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