Watch the Final Episode of Social Film “The Beauty Inside”

Toshiba and Intel’s social film The Beauty Inside debuted its sixth and final episode today. Learn more about the project, and dive deeper into the main character Alex, by checking out the web series’ Facebook page. Watch the episode after the jump.

Alex (internally voiced by Topher Grace) is a 20 something male who refurbishes antiques. His life is lonely not only because of his offbeat profession, but because everyday he wakes up in an entirely new body. So far, it’s worked out well for him, but all that changes when he meets Emily (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Alex finally gets a body worthy of a date with Emily. Afterwards, he scared her off by telling her about his condition. Find out how it all ends by watching the episode below.

Check out The Beauty Inside’s YouTube channel to watch the whole series and extra videos. Let us know what you thought of the social film and its interactive components in our comments section.

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