Found On Reddit: Emma Stone’s Yearbook Photo, Hobbit Chickens, and More!

Like many people, I lurk around reddit during my downtime, and I find some pretty interesting stuff. Sometimes that stuff relates to movies and television, so I feel obligated to share it with our readers. Check out some recent cool reddit links after the break.

One redditor went to middle school for a year with the lovely actress Emma Stone. While he/she doesn’t remember her from school, after reading her Wikipedia page they decided to look her up. Of course, she looks adorable. [LINK]

Speaking of adorable, check out this drawing of Tom Hanks’ most famous performances. Considering there’s only 8 on here, and at least Da Vinci Code is questionable, there is plenty of debate about his other great roles not making the cut. [LINK]

In another smooth transition, one of my favorite jokes in Toy Story is one in which the toy shark mimics Hanks’ Woody by donning his hat and saying “Look, I’m Woody. Howdy, Howdy, Howdy!”. Apparently, the joke comes from a Far Side comic, as you can see below. [LINK]

Finally, are the chickens in The Hobbit the wrong size? One redditor thinks so, but many are arguing that they could be either a hobbit chicken or Bantams, which are a real breed of chicken that are very small. What do you think? [LINK]

Let us know if you find any interesting Reddit posts, and we might add them next time.

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