IndieGoGo Campaign Looks For Help Funding The Independent Horror Film, “Charlie”

CHARLIE logoIndependent film director Louis Wong turns to the online community to help fund the final steps of post-production on his new horror film, “Charlie”. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing your name on the big screen, illuminating a darkened theater at a Midnight showing, then this IndieGoGo campaign is for you. Hit the jump to watch Wong’s plea for good horror.

23-year old film student and independent director, Louis Wong, along with his production team Nubellus Pictures, have taken to crowdfunding the last few steps on “Charlie”, a film about ‘a widow who, while trying to reconnect with a sister, stumbles upon dark, sinister events that may deepen the investigation of the missing sibling’.

The film, written and directed by Wong, is reaching out to fans to try help fund the $1,000 required by February 11th. All donations will go to finishing three main components of the film: sound design, music, and visual effects.

Did I mention that donating small, set amounts will get you hooked up with some sweet, exclusive prizes?

Drop down a step to watch Wong’s campaign then head HERE to make your donation:

“Charlie”, written/directed by Louis Wong, stars Mikaela Gissy, Zach Bloomfield, Rafal Cwiok, and Matthew Vuckovich, with Zach Oldenburg, Jordan Frederick, and Travis Cisco.

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