The Onion Teases USA Network for Programming Similarities, Receives Twitter Response


USA Network is home to a number of popular television shows including Burn Notice, Psych, White Collar, and many more. The station takes pride in creating an eclectic cast of characters across a range of original, offbeat, programing. As with many popular things though, the satirical news source, The Onion, has found it appropriate to mock the network’s offerings in a way that only they can. Hit the jump to find out more, including why you should all be looking forward to watching Beach Law on your televisions soon.

Earlier this week, The Onion posted a news segment about USA Network as part of their “Starfix” entertainment news service, which is a pitch-perfect rip-off of the likes of Extra and Entertainment Tonight. The segment reported, “The popular network will bring back all 90 of its current sun-soaked shows about spies or lawyers or something,” and brings to light just how similar the shows are when it comes to titles, locales, and main characters. Watch for yourself below:

As with many stories published in The Onion, the video gained some traction on social media. Unlike many stories on The Onion though, the entity being made fun of, USA Network, caught wind of the video, and played along with the gag. Soon after the video was released, the network created a Twitter account for Beach Law, the faux USA show The Onion highlighted as a new addition to the network. They also included a poster for the series that perfectly encapsulates the network’s tone and show lineup.


Some of my favorite television shows are on USA Network, and the reasons The Onion pokes fun at it are the same reasons why I enjoy the network so much. I don’t know if we will see @BeachLaw_USA consistently updated in the future, or if the gag has run its course, but it is always fun to see a television network or large organization not only take satirical jabs in stride, but enter the public fray and join in on the joke.

Thanks to the Huffington Post for the heads up.

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