D23 Expo 2013: Pixar Reveals Voice Cast And Plot For “The Good Dinosaur”

the good dinosaur

Today John Lasseter announced the voice cast and revealed new plot points in regards to the new Pixar film The Good Dinosaur. The film centers on the idea of what happens if the meteor that killed the dinosaurs actually missed the Earth. In fact it is described as the biggest “what if” story Pixar has ever worked on. Hit the jump for more details.

We learn that these dinosaurs (most are herbivores) have some sort of harvesting purpose. Each dinosaur’s tools and physiology acts like farming equipment. Triceratops are bulldozers, Stegosaurses are mowers, Ankyoysauruses are haulers and apatosurus are long neck plowers. The film will focus on a family of apatosuruses voiced by John Lithgow as the father, Frances McDormand as the mother, Bill Hader, and Neil Patrick Harris as brothers Forrest and Cliff, Judy Greer as Ivy, and Lucas Neff, who will be the lead character, Arlo The film however will focus on Neff, who is more concerned with adventure than he is plowing.

Another plot point that was revealed during the panel was than these dinosaurs hate insects, which possibly have some sort of affect on their harvest. However, Arlo loves insects, but finds a human disguised as one. A friendship is soon formed. We learn that Arlo takes his human on as his pet, and aptly names him, Spot – for the three spots on his head. The achatacter is a tough adventure seeking human, who can clearly take care of himself.

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