Funny Or Die Crushes Your “Back To The Future” Hoverboard Dreams

christopher lloyd hoverboard funny or die

Yesterday we reported that a mysterious company HUVr said that they had developed the same hoverboard technology that was seen in Back To The Future Part II and Part III and was ready to release it to the public. Videos of the fully functioning hoverboard wowed viewers, and news of it spread across the internet, creating a new viral sensation. This comes off the heels of Nike announcing that they would be releasing “Power laces” in 2015. So while we may not have 3D interactive technology yet, or having a place where cars need no roads, this hoverboard technology brought us that much closer to it. Or has it?

It turns out Funny or Die was behind this viral marketing stunt. And if you are bummed that you can’t buy a new hoverboard, well, it turns out there is a nice incentive for your hilariously few found depression. How does a hoverboard signed by Christopher Lloyd sound? Hit the jump to learn more.

To apologize, Funny or Die released a video of Lloyd saying that you and he were tricked by the comedic website. Not only that, but they are going to give the actual hoverboard that was used during the shoot to one lucky winner. This includes signatures from stars like Tony Hawk, Terrell Owens, Billy Zane, Moby, and more. For that to happen you have to go to Funny or Die’s official Facebook page and leave a comment. It’s that easy.

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