President Barack Obama Slams Zach Galifianakis And “The Hangover” In New “Between Two Ferns” Episode

president barack obama zach galifianakis between two ferns

Zach Galifiankis has been known to get some high ranking A-listers on his Between Two Ferns show on Funny or Die, but his latest guest is by far the most distinguished yet. In today’s episode, Galifiankais was able to land President Barrack Obama has guest. The President is very popular with the American youth and is no stranger to the world of pop culture and social media, making his appearance not that surprising.

Despite some of the political misteps that Obama has taken in the past few years (it isn’t easy being the leader of America), the President is looking to finish his term on a high note by talking about diplomatic relations, Presidential terms, the Affordable Healthcare Act, but by also taking some shots at his host, and promising that this interview will be his last one he will ever have with a President. Check out the full video after the jump. Also please try to refrain posting

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