Signal Boost This: “Miles Ahead” Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic On Indiegogo


Don Cheadle fans will be excited to hear that the Iron Man 3 actor’s long planned Miles Davis Miles Ahead  biopic is close to happening. He recently launched an indiegogo campaign to complete the funding for the picture. With a goal of $325,000 by July 6th, it seems pretty do-able between Davis, Cheadle, film and music fans who have been anticipating this picture about the period in the musician’s life where he teamed up with a journalist to steal back his music. Ewan McGregor has been long attached to portray the writer that Miles Davis (Who will be portrayed by Cheadle) works with to get his music back and Zoe Saldana was also enlisted to play Davis’ wife for some time as well.

Miles Ahead will also be Cheadle’s first directorial debut. He turns to the social crowdfunding to help share the story of Davis’ music with the world as he has always wanted to do. With the support of Davis’ family and collaborators involved with the music great’s seminal recordings, the picture is set to be faithfully shed some light on the life of a legendary performer. Check out Cheadle talking about his plans for the film and his incentives to get audiences to support the production.

Prizes include the exclusive updates, shirts, previews of music, and screenings on the lower levels of contribution. The higher levels include items such as a walk on role, special collectors items, chances to play golf with Cheadle, on-set visits and co-producing credits. Cheadle’s passion and long standing dedication to getting this picture made is inspiring. His reaching out to audiences to get his labor of love done just shows how through crowdfunding entertainment is becoming more and more participatory. We are coming into an age where we are no longer just spectators but collaborators and that’s AWESOME!


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