New ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Short “It’s Not What You Think” Features Ezra Bridger Stealing From The Empire

star wars rebels ezra bridger not what you think

We are a little over a month away before the hour long premiere of Star Wars Rebels, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the continuation of the Star Wars saga since the end of Clone Wars. Rebels will follow a young group of misfits in the early days of the Rebellion, and is set in between Episode III and Episode IV. We’ve already seen two shorts for characters that showed their respective skills and personalities, and this newest short isnt any different.

Disney XD has released a brand new short that features the young Ezra Bridger in action. Titled Not What You Think, Ezra happens to witness a Tie Fighter dogfight the starship Ghost. But it’s what Ezra ends up doing to one of the fallen starfighter that will help establish the character. Hit the jump to check out the full wars rebels ezra bridger not what you think

So after we see the tie fight end up losing the battle, we witness Ezra trying to salvage through the wreckage. But it turns out that the pilot isn’t as knocked out as we first thought, and Ezra shows how brazen and confident he is by willingly opening the Tie Fighter hatch, and engaging the pilot. Though he may look like he is trying to help the pilot, he is actually stealing parts of the Tie Fighter cockpit. And then he ends up making the Tie Fighter look like a fool.

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