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MovieViral.com is a site dedicated to providing you with the best news and analysis on viral marketing and ARG campaigns for films and other forms of entertainment. We have pages with summaries for each film we are covering, and you can discuss and suggest campaigns on our social media channels.

Viral marketing is complicated to explain (try Wikipedia for a thorough explanation), but basically it’s when an entity (a film, product, brand, etc.) uses alternative methods for advertising to generate buzz. Most viral is located on the Internet, but there’s countless ways to go about it. We at MovieViral cover all viral-ARG marketing for films, but we focus mainly on full campaigns that provide at least one of two things (preferably both):

1. More information on the story or characters of the film
2. An interactive experience or narrative, like an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)

We also cover other viral news related to films and TV, including viral videos, fan made stuff, and social networks.

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MovieViral was co-founded by Nick Butler and Dan Koelsch in 2009. In 2015, it was sold to private investors who owned and operated the website for eight years. In July 2023, MovieViral.com was reacquired by Nick Butler and Sometimes Weekly, LLC.



Past contributors include: Alex Gerage, Binyamin Wallin, Caleb Hamilton, Christopher G Moore, Connor Behrens, Corey Anderson, David Weaver, Iain Welford, Ian DeVere, Kevin C, Kristopher Stoltz, Lincoln Carpenter, Marc Vibbert, Matt Poole, Michael Lee, Sabina Ibarra, Scott Caldwell, and Zach Oldenburg

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