Ford has been one of the few car companies that I’ve seen really embrace social media in any kind of relevant way. They continue this method by sponsoring a reality show set to debut on Hulu in Febuary that centers around the Ford Focus. Get the details after the break.

Ford Focus Rally America debuts on on February 6th and will run for 5 weeks. The interactive reality show was created by the producers of The Amazing Race and will pair with the promotional website to allow the viewer to get in on the action. The show has six teams of contestants travelling across the country, each in a Ford Focus of course, with the ultimate goal of winning one of the new cars and $100,000. Online, you the audience can play along by picking a team and competing in challenges, recruiting other players, and even helping the contestants make decisions. The key incentive for you to participate is the chance to win prizes, including a Ford Focus.

This is actually a pretty cool idea. Sure, it shamelessly plugs a particular product, but so does every other reality show, so at least we get the plugging straight from the source. Plus, it actually gets the audience involved in a fun way with good incentives, and any chance I have to win a car is worth my time. Check out the website for more details on the promotion and to meet the contestants.

What do you think of the Ford Focus Rally?

By Dan Koelsch

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