The Boondock Saints: 10 Year Anniversary

They say the best form of viral is word of mouth. Long before money was spent on creating campaigns and websites, the best way to get people to know about your movie was to make a movie that people wanted to know about. A film that people wanted to talk about. A film that people WANTED to tell their friends about. A film that earned the title of a cult classic.

10 years ago, a film did just that: The Boondock Saints.

Troy Duffy’s film, about two brothers who need to clean up the streets of Boston in such a righteous way that it’s far from frowned upon, did just that. A film praised (no pun intended) for its action, its comedy, its writing, and its sheer visual greatness, cleaned up the town known as “old viral” and became a film that many know and love. The sequel, where you can read my review here, continues the story in a way that all fans wanted.

Just like the word of mouth that made the first film what it was, and helped the second film make it from limited to nationwide viewing, the Saints are looking to get you to talk the talk and get some more word of their spiritual journey out in celebration of a milestone event.

Eventful, the same site that helped spread the word for Paranormal Activity, is being used to spread the “gospel” of the MacManus’ brothers in an effort to bring the original film back to the big screen for its ten year anniversary. Those of you unfamiliar with Eventful, it’s simple. Give them the zip code you are in, that counts as a demand/request, and then, the word of mouth kicks in when you tell your friends. It’s simple.

So there you have it. If you want to see a great film, then see The Boondock Saints. If you want to see a great film on the big screen, then get your rope, because you never know when you’ll need it, and click the link below and start demanding!

Click here to spread the word

And, to follow tradition of of the viral we follow, here’s some lessons straight from the Saints themselves.

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