Back when our forum was a Cloverfield forum, one of the biggest discussions after the movie came out was what Clover really was and how it survived in the water. Designer Neville Page said he made the monster biologically accurate, but the guys at aren’t so convinced.

In their article “6 Movie Monsters That Just Wouldn’t Work“, Cracked takes on not only Clovey, but the whole world of Avatar as well. While the site brings up several reasons why the Cloverfield monster can’t exist given the information provided (including that in the viral campaign), the biggest issue is the fact that a creature living under the deep sea shouldn’t be able to just walk out of the ocean and breath air, let alone walk straight.

The Avatarverse (#1 on their list) also is implausible because everything on the planet just looks like a combination of two Earth organisms. The chances of life on another planet being so similar to our own is unlikely. It’s clear James Cameron specifically designed everything to be appealing to audiences and to Jake Sully (i.e. Neytiri). Check out the chart below created by the Cracked team.

What do you think? Could the Cloverfield monster exist as explained in the viral campaign and film? Is Pandora purely imagination, or could it really exist in some unknown solar system? Be sure to check out for a lot more great movie lists.

By Dan Koelsch

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