Director Neil LaBute has helmed some pretty strange (Wicker Man) and awful (Lakeview Terrace) films, but next month’s Death at a Funeral seems to be the most ill-conceived of them all. However, this is a star-filled remake of the 2007 British comedy that continues the odd pairing of death and humor, this time focusing a black family. Find out how Sony Pictures is letting you get in on the fun (?) after the jump.

When you go to, you can write your own eulogy, Mad Libs style. You pick the gender then switch out words and phrases given to you in a eulogy. Once you’re done, Chris Rock will actually read the eulogy aloud with church music behind him while looking like a Jib Jab video. It’s funny, creepy, and maybe just wrong. Here’s one I made myself: Watch.

What do you think of the site and unusual game? Let us know in the comments below. Death at a Funeral opens nationwide on April 16th.

By Dan Koelsch

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