Tron Legacy: Protest To Be Held at Press Conference?

The much-anticipated Tron Legacy Encom Press Conference is being held in less than two weeks, but the question still remains as to what to expect. 42 Entertainment likes to do things big, as evidenced in their viral for The Dark Knight. New evidence has come to light that could mean there will be a protest at the conference. Find out the details after the break.

Now that we have access to the online accounts of several Encom employees, we know that this new project and the press conference itself are a big deal. Alan Bradley has been put in charge of the project (which we know virtually nothing about as of now), and his appointment has definitely ruffled some feathers. However, that’s not the only thing that’s got people bothered by the event.

The Flynn Lives discussion forum has a new thread where members of the group state that they plan to stage a protest, or at least an “awareness campaign”. Here’s what member ZackAttack had to say in response to whether it was a protest.

More of an awareness campaign. Encom acts like they never heard the name Kevin Flynn, but they still cash their checks and get fat off of his innovations. We’re going to make them pay attention to him… and to us.

This is shaping up to be very similar to the Harvey Dent press conference two years ago, which of course was staged by 42 Entertainment as well. With Flynn Lives members having Encom badges, they’ll be getting in, so the confrontation should definitely be interesting.

If you’re going to be at the Tron event, let us know if you would like to report for us!

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