Toy Story’s Pizza Planet Hiring Drivers

You may remember about a week ago we reported on Disney and Pixar setting up college screenings for the first 2/3 of Toy Story 3. Well, now they’ve got an interesting way of advertising for it that might actually make some people upset.

Riverfront Times got their hands on a photo of flyer being passed around college campuses. The take-one flyers, similar to those promoting House of the Devil, have Pizza Planet, the restaurant featured in the Toy Story series, looking for new drivers. The take-aways have a link to a website, which is specific to each campus. For instance, is for Washington University. However, the links actually take you to a Facebook page that lets you sign up for a screening at said campus.

While this is a cool marketing tool, it should be noted that Pizza Planet really exists. Both Disney theme parks have the restuarant, so if you were really looking for a job (and in this economy, that’s a high percentage of people), you’d be pretty miffed.
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