New Website and Comic-Con Info For Rango

In the trailer for Paramount’s animated film Rango, you may have noticed the bright orange fish toy. Well, thanks to a new viral website provided by Slashfilm, we now know that fish is named Mr. Timms and it has a following. Get the details below. is a Japanese-friendly fansite dedicated to the wide-eyed fish, complete with a superfan gallery and merchandise. On today’s blog, Ellis (who seems to run the site) mentions that Mr. Timm will be at Comic-Con this year.

Rejoice! The benevolent Mr. Timms (by way of his vessels, me, Ellis Knightly, and my daughters Mia and PJ) has just confirmed that we will be on the floor at San Diego Comic-Con in booth # 3913! If you are attending the glorious event please be sure to stop by, say hi, and become one with Timms; his light will shine you bright.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

Though Rango isn’t featured in any panels, it looks like the Nickelodeon film will still have a presence, so be on the lookout for Mr. Timms! Also, explore the site to see what you can find.

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