“Cedar Rapids” Sends Out Calendar, Gets Viral Website

The Fox Searchlight comedy Cedar Rapids is only a few weeks away from its February 11th theatrical release, but we are now just seeing some viral marketing, and its targeted for the film’s Sundance Film Festival premiere this month. There’s nothing like a non-working website and calendar to get you excited for a film! Get the details after the break.

In Cedar Rapids, insurance agent Tim Lippe (Ed Helms) is sent to the title town to represent his company, Brownstar Insurance, during a convention. Of course, hilarity ensues. Alex at FirstShowing got a nice little mail package that included a Brownstar Insurance company calendar, along with a business card for “Ed ‘Timbo’ Helms”. Both items have a phone number to call and website to visit. The phone number sends you the voice mail of Tim Lippe, who says he’s out at a convention in Sundance. The Brownstar Insurance website just says it’s under construction. While it’s cool they are trying, this is a pretty lame gimmick. What do you think?

Watch the trailer for Cedar Rapids here.
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