Nokia Creates Interactive 3D Map of Gotham City

It’s the map we deserve, but not the one we need, or something. Nokia has partnered with The Dark Knight Rises to bring us a 3D map of Gotham City using Nokia Maps. Find out more, including how you can win prizes, after the break.

Once you connect to the App on Facebook and Like the Nokia Facebook page, you’ll get access to the map. It has a great visual style, set at night with a cloudy sky, and you can do everything you usually can with an interactive map, like zoom in and pan and tilt. The sounds also help make it feel more real. There are four locations that you can click on to see a bit closer: Arkham Asylum, Wayne Tower, City Hall, and Gotham City Stadium. These are all pivotal locations in the trilogy, and when you click on them, you are instructed to find any Bat Shields, as they will have you win prizes.

Try it out for yourself, and let us know what you think. More locations are coming soon, be sure to keep exploring the map. The Dark Knight Rises opens in IMAX on July 20th.

Source: Mashable

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